Verdens dyreste cykeljakke.

Dette er den mest tekniske cykeljakke Assos hidtil har lavet, til dig der ikke vil gå ned på udstyr og ønsker en jakke dine cykel venner ikke har.

Jakken er vind og vandtæt samt ekstrem åndbar og strækbar når vi snakker om en vandtæt jakke.

Assos fortæller, Project johDah began by developing a totally new line of softshells, each of which is lighter and more breathable than anything we’ve developed thus far. Known as SPHERE, this family of fabrics is the successor to our long-running Stratagon—giving us varying thicknesses of membrane-equipped materials for waterproof protection and flexible comfort. Starting from the inside out, the front panel is made up of several ultrathin layers. The first resembles a short zippered mid layer, which protects your chest with targeted insulation. Next comes our 3L wind- and waterproof SPHERE Light textile, which features a light thermal interior. To ensure you don’t overheat, we added our Diffusor “valves” at the shoulders, which act like a set of air vents that draw in air from the outside and inject it between the jacket’s layers of fabric.

We targeted the upper back and forearms with our robust 3L SPHERE Medium, which features a thicker more insulating fabric on the inside. The lower back panel is made using our OSMOS Heavy, the most insulating of our brushed-back materials, while the jacket’s integrated face mask and built-in mid layer employ the lighter, more breathable OSMOS Light. Finally, the upper arms lean on a warp-knit 3L ZigZaggy Foam that wraps you in plush, wind-blocking insulation.